Dolores Krieger who was both a Ph.D and Registered Nurse who became Professor Emerita of Nursing Science, taught a unique course as part of the graduate programme in nursing at New York University. The course outlined a system she called “Therapeutic Touch.” Nurses in America can still take this course and the California Board of Registered Nursing can award registered nurses taking classes in therapeutic touch with continuing education units required for licensure renewal.

Professor Krieger proposed that energy transferred from the therapist’s hands enhances and balances the patient’s energy flow. This idea of a person’s body having an energy flow is not too different from the ideas from Polarity Therapy which considers the body to be sustained by an electro-magnetic life-force. This life force permeates the body through invisible channels. When the circulation is blocked disease results. The therapist’s job is to remove energy blocks by getting the channels flowing freely again by transferring his/her positive and negative stimuli from his/her own body to that of his/her subject’s.

Some practitioners of these two therapeutic methods make claims that it is possible to cure all sorts of illnesses and conditions. I would advise the reader to be very guarded against such claims some of which are quite spurious. I am not aware of any scientific evidence to support such claims and it is my firm recommendation that any illness or serious condition should be treated by qualified medical practitioners.

Having made this clear I want to add that therapeutic touch and polarity therapy are not without benefit. They are useful for two things. They elicit a rather profound, generalized relaxation response in the subject and they are very good at relieving pain. They can therefore be used as a complementary therapy to facilitate recovery following appropriate medical treatment or to complement a medical treatment programme.

If you wish to incorporate aspects of these two therapeutic techniques when you have your massage please mention this when booking. There is no extra charge for including these therapies.