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Psychological and Complementary Therapies​

 Appointments available on-line  face-to-face.

Newid a Gobaith offers two distinct and separate therapies.​

The first, a confidential psychological therapy (talking therapy) provided through counselling which can include, where appropriate, CBT, EMDR and Mindfulness. The other is massage therapy based on holistic massage. The therapies offered are delivered to high ethical standards.

COUNSELLING is a confidential talking-therapy relationship between therapist and person/couple attending counselling. Its aim is to provide the opportunity for the move towards living and working in a more satisfying and resourceful way. Counselling will help you work through your worries and unresolved conflicts, helping you gain a greater understanding of them. It will help you identify feelings and learn ways of dealing with them appropriately. Counselling does not impose solutions, opinions or judgements. It does not manipulate the person. It is a means of structuring self-reliance and assisting the client to make decisions and choice.

Massage: More and more people are accepting responsibility for their own health care. As well as seeking conventional medical attention many people consider what is commonly termed complementary therapy. Massage is one such therapy and treatment is styled to meet the specific needs of the individual client. Holistic Massage takes into account the Mind, the Body and the Spirit. The holistic philosophy views heal​th as a balance of these three aspects of life with the individual having responsibility for her/his own health. Holistic massage has both a physiological and psychological effect. High blood pressure, asthma, constipation and arthritic conditions, benefit from massage. It induces relaxation and is suited in the treatment of stress related problems such as insomnia, headaches and anxiety. It can also be used quite simply as a means of relaxing and temporarily escaping from the stresses and strains of everyday life. In other words you can indulge in an hour of well deserved pampering.

Newid a Gobaith is focused on providing a personal, high-quality service and customer satisfaction. Everything will be done to meet your reasonable expectations.

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